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Information Technology Services (Zentrale IT) is the computer centre and IT service provider for Munich University of Applied Sciences. The university’s chancellor (head of administration) has direct responsibility for Information Technology Services, and the head of department manages the two main divisions "IT-Services" and "IT-Infrastructure".

Please see the organisational chart for details.

Information Technology Services has the following responsibilities:

  • fulfils typical tasks of a university computer centre, such as network and server infrastructure, identity management, communication services, file and print services, applications, and server hosting/housing
  • provides technical support for the university administration
  • manages telecommunication services
  • provides technical support for university departments and institutes

Students should contact their department directly if they need technical support.

Contact International Office

The International Office supports international students during their time at Munich University of Applied Sciences, and the International Staff Mobility Office assists visiting researchers and lecturers during their stay. In addition, both international students and researchers should also feel free to seek assistance from their host department or institution, if needed.

The International Office and the International Staff Mobility Office can provide you with individually tailored information and inform you about services available.

If necessary, we can also help you to get in contact with the appropriate person at Information Technology Services. If you have any specific IT-related questions, and you feel it would be beneficial to have direct contact with Information Technology Services, please contact us via email.


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