Wi-fi (WLAN)

Access via VPN - Virtual Private Network

The VPN connection allows for secure online access to a broad range of internal services offered by the Munich University of Applied Sciences (e.g. library services such as certain eBooks and online-research tools).

A Munich University of Applied Sciences user account and an installed client program are required in order to establish a VPN connection.


To log into “The Munich Scientific Network” (MWN) by means of a VPN connection, you must first download the required client software from the LRZ ( Leibniz Supercomputing centre) using your Munich University of Applied Sciences user account.

For authentication purposes, "@hm.edu" must be added to the end of your username:
You will then be assigned to the Munich University of Applied Sciences upon successful log in.

Please note: You cannot use your additional email alias to log in via VPN or eduroam.

In establishing a password for your university account, you may use the same password as for your email, or you may choose a different one.

It may be necessary to add an exclamation mark [!] before your user name in order to use certain library services; e.g. specific research databases. For further technical information, please see the German version of the VPN technical page .

VPN client

The software necessary to establish a VPN connection is available for download from the LRZ webpages , which also provides information and installation instructions in German.